Flipper Zero Firmware
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view_dispatcher_i.h File Reference

GUI: ViewDispatcher API. More...

#include <m-dict.h>
#include "view_dispatcher.h"
#include "view_i.h"
#include "gui_i.h"

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Data Structures

struct  ViewDispatcher


void view_dispatcher_draw_callback (Canvas *canvas, void *context)
 ViewPort Draw Callback.
void view_dispatcher_input_callback (InputEvent *event, void *context)
 ViewPort Input Callback.
void view_dispatcher_handle_input (ViewDispatcher *view_dispatcher, InputEvent *event)
 Input handler.
void view_dispatcher_handle_tick_event (void *context)
 Tick handler.
void view_dispatcher_handle_custom_event (ViewDispatcher *view_dispatcher, uint32_t event)
 Custom event handler.
void view_dispatcher_set_current_view (ViewDispatcher *view_dispatcher, View *view)
 Set current view, dispatches view enter and exit.
void view_dispatcher_update (View *view, void *context)
 ViewDispatcher update event.
bool view_dispatcher_run_event_callback (FuriMessageQueue *queue, void *context)
 ViewDispatcher run event loop event callback.
bool view_dispatcher_run_input_callback (FuriMessageQueue *queue, void *context)
 ViewDispatcher run event loop input callback.

Detailed Description

GUI: ViewDispatcher API.