Flipper Zero Firmware
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view_port_i.h File Reference

GUI: internal ViewPort API. More...

#include "gui_i.h"
#include "view_port.h"

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Data Structures

struct  ViewPort


void view_port_gui_set (ViewPort *view_port, Gui *gui)
 Set GUI reference.
void view_port_draw (ViewPort *view_port, Canvas *canvas)
 Process draw call.
void view_port_input (ViewPort *view_port, InputEvent *event)
 Process input.

Detailed Description

GUI: internal ViewPort API.

Function Documentation

◆ view_port_draw()

void view_port_draw ( ViewPort * view_port,
Canvas * canvas )

Process draw call.

Calls draw callback.

To be used by GUI, called on tree redraw.

view_portViewPort instance
canvascanvas to draw at

◆ view_port_gui_set()

void view_port_gui_set ( ViewPort * view_port,
Gui * gui )

Set GUI reference.

To be used by GUI, called upon view_port tree insert

view_portViewPort instance
guigui instance pointer

◆ view_port_input()

void view_port_input ( ViewPort * view_port,
InputEvent * event )

Process input.

Calls input callback.

To be used by GUI, called on input dispatch.

view_portViewPort instance
eventpointer to input event