Flipper Zero Firmware
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mjs Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct mbuf bcode_gen
struct mbuf bcode_parts
size_t bcode_len
struct mbuf stack
struct mbuf call_stack
struct mbuf arg_stack
struct mbuf scopes
struct mbuf loop_addresses
struct mbuf owned_strings
struct mbuf foreign_strings
struct mbuf owned_values
struct mbuf json_visited_stack
struct mbuf array_buffers
struct mjs_vals vals
char * error_msg
char * stack_trace
enum mjs_err error
mjs_ffi_resolver_t * dlsym
void * dlsym_handle
size_t cur_bcode_offset
mjs_flags_poller_t exec_flags_poller
void * context
struct gc_arena object_arena
struct gc_arena property_arena
struct gc_arena ffi_sig_arena
unsigned inhibit_gc: 1
unsigned need_gc: 1
unsigned generate_jsc: 1

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