Flipper Zero Firmware
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Firmware Assets


./fbt icons proto dolphin_internal dolphin_blocking dolphin_ext resources

Asset naming rules

Images and Animations


  • NAME - mandatory - Asset name in CamelCase. [A-Za-z0-9], special symbols not allowed
  • VARIANT - optional - icon variant: can relate to state or rendering conditions. Examples: active, inactive, inverted.
  • SIZE - mandatory - size in px. Example square 10, 20, 24, etc. Example rectangular: 10x8, 19x5, etc.

Image names will be automatically prefixed with I_, animation names with A_. Icons and Animations will be gathered into icon.h and icon.c.

Dolphin and Games assets

Rules are same as for Images and Animations plus assets are grouped by level and level prepends NAME. Good starting point: https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/ProductionPipelines/AssetNaming/

Important notes

Don't include assets that you are not using, compiler is not going to strip unused assets.


  • dolphin - Dolphin game assets sources. Goes to compiled and resources folders in build directory.
  • icons - Icons sources. Goes to compiled folder in build directory.
  • protobuf - Protobuf sources. Goes to compiled folder in build directory.
  • slideshow - One-time slideshows for desktop