Flipper Zero Firmware
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NfcPollerBase Struct Reference

Generic NFC poller interface. More...

#include <nfc_poller_base.h>

Data Fields

NfcPollerAlloc alloc
 Pointer to the alloc() function.
NfcPollerFree free
 Pointer to the free() function.
NfcPollerSetCallback set_callback
 Pointer to the set_callback() function.
NfcPollerRun run
 Pointer to the run() function.
NfcPollerDetect detect
 Pointer to the detect() function.
NfcPollerGetData get_data
 Pointer to the get_data() function.

Detailed Description

Generic NFC poller interface.

Each protocol must fill this structure with its own function implementations. See above for the function signatures and descriptions.

Additionally, see ${PROTOCOL_NAME}/${PROTOCOL_NAME}_poller.c for usage examples.

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