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NfcDeviceBase Struct Reference

Generic NFC device interface. More...

#include <nfc_device_base_i.h>

Data Fields

const char * protocol_name
 Pointer to a statically-allocated string with the protocol name.
NfcDeviceAlloc alloc
 Pointer to the alloc() function.
NfcDeviceFree free
 Pointer to the free() function.
NfcDeviceReset reset
 Pointer to the reset() function.
NfcDeviceCopy copy
 Pointer to the copy() function.
NfcDeviceVerify verify
NfcDeviceLoad load
 Pointer to the load() function.
NfcDeviceSave save
 Pointer to the save() function.
NfcDeviceEqual is_equal
 Pointer to the is_equal() function.
NfcDeviceGetName get_name
 Pointer to the get_name() function.
NfcDeviceGetUid get_uid
 Pointer to the get_uid() function.
NfcDeviceSetUid set_uid
 Pointer to the set_uid() function.
NfcDeviceGetBaseData get_base_data
 Pointer to the get_base_data() function.

Detailed Description

Generic NFC device interface.

Each protocol must fill this structure with its own function implementations.

Field Documentation

◆ verify

NfcDeviceVerify NfcDeviceBase::verify


Set to NULL in new protocols.

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