Flipper Zero Firmware
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FuriThreadListItem Struct Reference

Data Fields

 Pointer to FuriThread, valid while it is running.
const char * app_id
 Thread application id, valid while it is running.
const char * name
 Thread name, valid while it is running.
FuriThreadPriority priority
 Thread priority.
uint32_t stack_address
 Thread stack address.
size_t heap
 Thread heap size if tracking enabled, 0 - otherwise.
uint32_t stack_size
 Thread stack size.
uint32_t stack_min_free
 Thread minimum of the stack size ever reached.
const char * state
 Thread state, can be: "Running", "Ready", "Blocked", "Suspended", "Deleted", "Invalid".
float cpu
 Thread CPU usage time in percents (including interrupts happened while running)
uint32_t counter_previous
 Thread previous runtime counter.
uint32_t counter_current
 Thread current runtime counter.
uint32_t tick
 Thread last seen tick.

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