Flipper Zero Firmware
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FuriHalSdInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint64_t capacity
uint32_t block_size
uint32_t logical_block_count
uint32_t logical_block_size
uint8_t manufacturer_id
char oem_id [3]
char product_name [6]
uint8_t product_revision_major
uint8_t product_revision_minor
uint32_t product_serial_number
uint8_t manufacturing_month
uint16_t manufacturing_year

Field Documentation

◆ block_size

uint32_t FuriHalSdInfo::block_size

block size

◆ capacity

uint64_t FuriHalSdInfo::capacity

total capacity in bytes

◆ logical_block_count

uint32_t FuriHalSdInfo::logical_block_count

logical capacity in blocks

◆ logical_block_size

uint32_t FuriHalSdInfo::logical_block_size

logical block size in bytes

◆ manufacturer_id

uint8_t FuriHalSdInfo::manufacturer_id

manufacturer ID

◆ manufacturing_month

uint8_t FuriHalSdInfo::manufacturing_month

manufacturing month

◆ manufacturing_year

uint16_t FuriHalSdInfo::manufacturing_year

manufacturing year

◆ oem_id

char FuriHalSdInfo::oem_id[3]

OEM ID, 2 characters + null terminator

◆ product_name

char FuriHalSdInfo::product_name[6]

product name, 5 characters + null terminator

◆ product_revision_major

uint8_t FuriHalSdInfo::product_revision_major

product revision major

◆ product_revision_minor

uint8_t FuriHalSdInfo::product_revision_minor

product revision minor

◆ product_serial_number

uint32_t FuriHalSdInfo::product_serial_number

product serial number

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