Flipper Zero Firmware
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DialogsFileBrowserOptions Struct Reference

File browser dialog extra options. More...

#include <dialogs.h>

Data Fields

const char * extension
const char * base_path
bool skip_assets
bool hide_dot_files
const Iconicon
bool hide_ext
FileBrowserLoadItemCallback item_loader_callback
void * item_loader_context

Detailed Description

File browser dialog extra options.

This can be default-initialized using dialog_file_browser_set_basic_options.

extensionfile extension to be offered for selection
base_pathroot folder path for navigation with back key
skip_assetstrue - do not show assets folders
hide_dot_filestrue - hide dot files
iconfile icon pointer, NULL for default icon
hide_exttrue - hide extensions for files
item_loader_callbackcallback function for providing custom icon & entry name
hide_extcallback context

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