Flipper Zero Firmware
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stm32wb55_linker.h File Reference

Linker defined symbols. More...

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const void _stack_end
 end of stack
const void _stack_size
 stack size
const void _sidata
 data initial value start
const void _sdata
 data start
const void _edata
 data end
const void _sbss
 bss start
const void _ebss
 bss end
const void _sMB_MEM2
 RAM2a start.
const void _eMB_MEM2
 RAM2a end.
const void __heap_start__
 RAM1 Heap start.
const void __heap_end__
 RAM1 Heap end.
const void __free_flash_start__
 Free Flash space start.

Detailed Description

Linker defined symbols.

Used in various part of firmware to understand hardware boundaries.