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byte_input.h File Reference

GUI: ByteInput keyboard view module API. More...

#include <gui/view.h>

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typedef struct ByteInput ByteInput
 Byte input anonymous structure

typedef void(* ByteInputCallback) (void *context)
 callback that is executed on save button press
typedef void(* ByteChangedCallback) (void *context)
 callback that is executed when byte buffer is changed


ByteInputbyte_input_alloc (void)
 Allocate and initialize byte input.
void byte_input_free (ByteInput *byte_input)
 Deinitialize and free byte input.
Viewbyte_input_get_view (ByteInput *byte_input)
 Get byte input view.
void byte_input_set_result_callback (ByteInput *byte_input, ByteInputCallback input_callback, ByteChangedCallback changed_callback, void *callback_context, uint8_t *bytes, uint8_t bytes_count)
 Set byte input result callback.
void byte_input_set_header_text (ByteInput *byte_input, const char *text)
 Set byte input header text.

Detailed Description

GUI: ByteInput keyboard view module API.

Function Documentation

◆ byte_input_alloc()

ByteInput * byte_input_alloc ( void )

Allocate and initialize byte input.

This byte input is used to enter bytes.

ByteInput instance pointer

◆ byte_input_free()

void byte_input_free ( ByteInput * byte_input)

Deinitialize and free byte input.

byte_inputByte input instance

◆ byte_input_get_view()

View * byte_input_get_view ( ByteInput * byte_input)

Get byte input view.

byte_inputbyte input instance
View instance that can be used for embedding

◆ byte_input_set_header_text()

void byte_input_set_header_text ( ByteInput * byte_input,
const char * text )

Set byte input header text.

byte_inputbyte input instance
texttext to be shown

◆ byte_input_set_result_callback()

void byte_input_set_result_callback ( ByteInput * byte_input,
ByteInputCallback input_callback,
ByteChangedCallback changed_callback,
void * callback_context,
uint8_t * bytes,
uint8_t bytes_count )

Set byte input result callback.

byte_inputbyte input instance
input_callbackinput callback fn
changed_callbackchanged callback fn
callback_contextcallback context
bytesbuffer to use
bytes_countbuffer length