Flipper Zero Firmware
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Reading RAW RFID data

Flipper Zero has the option to read RAW data from 125 kHz cards that allows you to record the card's data and save it, similar to how a dictaphone records sound.

To use this function, you need to activate the Debug mode on your Flipper Zero by doing the following:

  1. Go to Main MenuSettingsSystem.
  2. Set Debug to ON.

Once the Debug mode is activated on your Flipper Zero, you can read RAW data from 125 kHz RFID cards:

  1. Go to Main Menu125 kHz RFIDExtra Actions.
  2. Select RAW RFID data and name the raw file.
  3. Read instructions and press OK.
  4. Apply the card to Flipper Zero's back.
  5. Once the reading is finished, press OK.

Two files with data (with ASK and PSK modulations) will be saved in the lfrfid folder on the microSD card. Now, you can share it and the card's photo with developers by creating an issue on GitHub.