Flipper Zero Firmware
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Run time checks and forced system crash

The best way to protect system integrity is to reduce amount cases that we must handle and crash the system as early as possible. For that purpose we have bunch of helpers located in Furi Core check.h.

Couple notes before start

  • Definition of Crash - log event, save crash information in RTC and reboot the system.
  • Definition of Halt - log event, stall the system.
  • Debug and production builds behaves differently: debug build will never reset system in order to preserve state for debugging.
  • If you have debugger connected we will stop before reboot automatically.
  • All helpers accept optional MESSAGE_CSTR: it can be in RAM or Flash memory, but only messages from Flash will be shown after system reboot.
  • MESSAGE_CSTR can be NULL, but macros magic already doing it for you, so just don't.

furi_assert(CONDITION) or furi_assert(CONDITION, MESSAGE_CSTR)

Assert condition in development environment and crash the system if CONDITION is false.

  • Should be used at development stage in apps and services
  • Keep in mind that release never contains this check
  • Keep in mind that libraries never contains this check by default, use LIB_DEBUG=1 if you need it
  • Avoid putting function calls into CONDITION, since it may be omitted in some builds

furi_check(CONDITION) or furi_check(CONDITION, MESSAGE_CSTR)

Always assert condition and crash the system if CONDITION is false.

  • Use it if you always need to check conditions

furi_crash() or furi_crash(MESSAGE_CSTR)

Crash the system.

  • Use it to crash the system. For example: if abnormal condition detected.

furi_halt() or furi_halt(MESSAGE_CSTR)

Halt the system.

  • We use it internally to shutdown flipper if poweroff is not possible.