Flipper Zero Firmware
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Application icons

Source code

Source code for this example can be found here.

General principle

To use icons, do the following:

  • Add a line to the application manifest: fap_icon_assets="folder", where folder points to the folder where your icons are located
  • Add #include "application_id_icons.h" to the application code, where application_id is the appid from the manifest
  • Every icon in the folder will be available as a I_icon_name variable, where icon_name is the name of the icon file without the extension


We have an application with the following manifest:


So the icons are in the images folder and will be available in the generated example_images_icons.h file.

The example code is located in example_images_main.c and contains the following line:

#include "example_images_icons.h"

Image dolphin_71x25.png is available as I_dolphin_71x25.